Bus Driver Training and Bus Accidents

Sometimes we take for granted that all bus drivers have been carefully screened and trained before being sent to do their jobs. However, sadly, there are often times where bus driver training is lacking, and this could be a contributing factor to bus accident injuries and deaths.

Good training yields good driving

When bus driver training is comprehensive, it can increase the drivers’ confidence and competence behind the wheel. Good training can help a driver know his or her route better, and what to expect in terms of traffic and potential hazards at the time of day he or she will be on the roadways. When training is minimal, it can leave drivers feeling lost and uncertain, and this lack of confidence may lead to an increased risk of accidents.

Is driver training a factor in bus accidents?

A topic of much debate is whether driver training may play a role in bus accident frequency and severity. It could be argued that more stringent and extensive training leads to safer drivers, but little data exists on whether bus driver training requirements play a causal role in bus accidents. However, more training is unlikely to lead to an increase in traffic accidents, which makes a case for vigorous driver training becoming the norm.

The facts about bus driver training

There is no one set of requirements across the globe or even the nation when it comes to bus driver training, making travel by bus questionable at best. Each bus company determines its own driver qualifications, and this can be problematic when it comes to discerning which drivers are competent and which are not. Some drivers may have a perfect driving record, while others may be riding the line of danger with prior traffic violations.

What to do if you have been hurt in a bus accident

If you have been hurt in a bus accident, get medical attention right away. Document any and all injuries, and then contact a bus accident lawyer with experience in bus accident cases. You can acquire knowledge about the laws surrounding your accident case and learn how to fight back and get the cash compensation you may be entitled to as an accident victim.