Overcrowding: A Contributing Factor in Bus Accidents

Although many buses have a maximum occupancy posted clearly within their confines, some bus drivers and bus companies ignore these or treat them as simple suggestions. This can lead to peril for bus passengers, as overcrowding can be a huge problem when traveling by bus—it can even play a major role in bus accidents here and abroad.

Mass transit can make for a crowded trip

Mass transit earns its name during the rush hour of traffic, when often on board it is standing room only. Crowds of people on board can weigh down a bus, and in places where clinging to the outside of a bus is a permissible and acceptable way to travel, weight distribution problems can arise, leading to serious accidents resulting in severe injury or even death.

Overcrowding can be a serious problem at home and abroad

Depending on where it is you are traveling by bus, overcrowding can be a major concern. In some nations, crowded buses are the norm, and people will climb aboard the rooftop or simply grab onto the sides of the bus wherever they may find room, creating a dubious situation just begging for an accident. Even in places where being a passenger via the outside of the bus is not allowed, inside-bus crowding can be problematic when many passengers are standing up and an accident occurs, as the standing passengers may be easily flung about the bus in the event of a collision.

How overcrowding can cause bus accidents

When people are atop a bus, it can cause weight distribution issues that may not become apparent until a bus attempts to take a sharp turn. People may fall off the bus or, in severe cases, they may cause the bus to flip over off the roadway. In cases where the bus is traveling a winding mountain road with a cliff to one side, this can easily lead to massive fatalities.

If you are hurt in a crash involving an overcrowded bus

If you are hurt in a crash and you think overcrowding of the bus played a part in the accident, you should contact an attorney who has experience in bus accident cases. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you figure out the merits of your case, and whether you may be entitled to financial compensation as a victim of a bus accident. Most consultations are free, so you have nothing to lose by reaching out to a bus accident attorney near you.